Monday, February 3, 2014

Track and Field in Novosibirsk - VIDEO!

So I do, at some point, have to get on with my Fulbright side project, and I used the conference in Moscow to give myself a deadline to produce SOMETHING TANGIBLE (anything, really). Fortunately my self-motivation strategy worked and I have this 9 minute video for you all to enjoy. It's in Russian with English subtitles (except the title pages. You will be lost, bwahahaha).

What I tried to accomplish in this video is to reveal the personalities of a few of the runners and the head coach. I feel that their personalities shine through pretty well, but the project itself still has a long way to go. During the filming of this video I was still getting used to my video equipment, and there were some avoidable inconveniences that effected the quality, especially the audio. For example, during my interviews someone decided to start playing basketball, and I didn't notice until after I had finished the interviews. Also, during the interview with the head coach, I didn't think to turn off the computers, which leaves a little bit of a static-buzzing sound in the background. Also, some of the shots are a little rough with camera shake (it's always best to use a tripod, especially one you're comfortable with!)

Now that I've drawn your attention to all of the minor nuisances that keep a film producer awake at night, know that it takes an hour of editing for every minute of finished video. I've put some time into this, and it looks "pretty" good. I even found some free music to use as a sound track. Everyone who has seen it so far has liked it. But the final cut will be better. Also, there are some typos in the subtitles. It was late at night and I had a deadline! (But do let me know if you see one so I can fix it later)

Anyways, enjoy.

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