Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things I Should Totally Blog About but Haven't Had the Time for...

1) The zoo.
2) Spring has come to my city, and it's glorious. It changes everything.
3) "The true love thing" - Colin
4) Cross country championships
5) Oktyabrsky District relay championships... in the snow, to THIS song. It's one of those strange experiences where you realize you're the only person who understands the words in a crowd of 500 people. I love Russia... sometimes.
6) The Dinner Game
7) The windiest run of my life
8) May Day "монстрация"
9) Teachers in the American Corner
10) Master Class

Ok, the last two were a reach. I'll definitely never write about those, although they are somewhat interesting. Consider this the list of things you should ask me next time you see me.

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